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Why To Dedicate To God

Updated: Nov 9

Of course this is your own choice but we bring it up to help.

Below are the reasons you should dedicate your money and time towards God. This means even building/funding temples, donating, etc.

So if your convert sends the message we have to Reddit 10 minutes a day, say they get 1-5 converts. That's 5 universes filled with 9s times whatever you want added passively to your account. So how about after a year of them posting? That's 365-1500 times universes added to your account even if it's the converts you get.

If I got $100 per worship I would easily say it 1000 times +. You also get rewarded for each $1 you spend in God's way by helping people in the next life (ex. running ads to this site or donating to mosques/temples or building one). You get much more in reality. The times whatever you want is just an analogy, in reality you get a lot more. It's God's reward, unimaginable.

And you get rewarded times whatever you want for donating 1 meal. We would donate everything! That is why we spend all our spare income towards God. We suggest you too, but pay for helping others in the next life as helping someone in this life lowers them. It is better for you to spend helping others in the next life (donating ads to this site or helping build temples/mosques). If you decide not to help feed others as it lowers them, you get rewarded more. Instead, to really help the people, just say the special worship 500+ times or donate to run ads to this site by emailing us.

Why not fast everyday? That's what we do. We fast from noon to dawn, we eat at like 10 am once for the day then just don't eat for the rest of the day. We sometimes drink water or eat a bit if we are hungry. That's how all us monks fast. Buddha fasted 5 days a week and wish he fasted more when he saw the reward for fasting.

The Prophet said each fast moves you up in paradise the amount of distance traveled in 70 years. Also he said there is no equal to fasting (in general) so even 1 million hours of worship there is no equal to fasting.

To the people that want to please God for all the blessings he gave us, the Prophet said the breath of a fasting person is like the scent of musk in God's eyes. Also in the hadith al qudsi which means God said it through the Prophet, God says, "I reward all deeds by 10-700+ times except for fasting, it is for me and I will reward for it."

These 4 sayings are the reason we fast everyday.

Also human history in total has only been 3000~ years. Think how long is a million. Even human history times a hundred is only 300,000 years. All your memories are just 25~ years. Times a 100 is 2500 years. Times a 100 again is 5000 years. Again 7500 years. Think how long is a million. The next life is over a trillion, that's 10,000 times a million. Shouldn't we dedicate this life at only 80~ years for the next life which is over 1 million times a trillion years.

If after 1 year of experiencing blessing from God and you realize God is true, also paradise is true, why wouldn't you want to spend your money for God a lot? That $700 or however much won't go anywhere once you die but deeds will and it is a great deed to help believers by sending converts to this site. Even donating half your spare money a month is no big deal while in God's eyes, you dedicate 50% of your income for him. You can do this by contacting us at It costs $1 to reach 30 people on Facebook ads. Even dedicate $5 a day or less/more and that's over 4500 people reached a month! In total, if only 500 of those 4500 reach the parts on how to worship in this site, that's 500 times 100 worships for you and however many fasts/thanks they do. Email us and we'll help you create ads or make your own site (there's no need though because God is logical, if you send someone to this site we both get rewarded not just me.)

If you dedicate just $5 a day to running ads to this site, you get rewarded for over 50k link clicks to this site after 1 year. If say 10,000 convert and just say the worship 100 times (it takes 5 minutes), that's 1 million worships added to your account completely passively. Doesn't include the fasts they do or donate.

We run Facebook ads to this site and advertise it on Reddit. In total, we have gotten 7000 people to view this site and have gotten over 100 to read it all + this post. That means we have gotten thousands of converts and worshipers. Even if we have gotten 10 people to say the thank Gods 100 times, that's 1000 worships added to my account completely passively. And if we have gotten 10 people to fast twice a week, that's 20 fasts added to my account and I do nothing. In total though really we have easily gotten at least a 100 to be good worshipers. That's 10k thank Gods a day and 200 fasts a week added to my account.

Or download the world food programme app by the UN and donate $10 a month/week. A meal costs 80 cents to donate and you get rewarded by God and your money is just sitting around so utilize it to raise yourself! Donating 1 meal which is 80 ~ cents on the UN app is like 6 trillion hours of worship God says! Still spend your money in God's way it is just sitting around so treat it like a bill and donate 50-100$ a month or more/less. We dedicate 90% of our income to God.

We don't say this to brag but you can do it too. Just run Facebook ads / post on Reddit to this site and you get rewarded not me because God is logical. Even posting on Reddit 5 minutes a day let's say you get 1 convert. That's 30 converts a month and if only 5 worship that's 500 worships daily added to your scale.

Here is an analogy about eternity. Paradise is eternal.

Imagine the whole world (imagine a mansion if you can't) filled with sand a mile high. Now imagine a bird comes every million years, takes one sand grain and goes.

All the sand can be taken and you are still in paradise.

And even that analogy is still 0 to eternity. Because you can do it 2, 5, 10, 100, 1000, or even a million or billion times and it is still a 0 to eternity. Trillions of times over, still a 0.

This life is only 80 ish years and we spend 12 years in school to better this life. Shouldn't we all become monks to better our eternal next life?

Now lets say the whole house is filled with sand and each sand grain represents 1000x an orgasm. You will experience that in paradise. But don't you want more? No offence intended but why do billionaires still work, they have enough money? It's the reason as human beings we always want more. God says infinity times whatever you want as a happy life is like a bacteria. Level 7 of mini paradise is millions of universes big and you get more than that every time you say thank God (imagine the reward for special worship supplication we taught!), and the universe is 150 billion light years big and 1 light year is 6 trillion miles which is hundreds of thousands of times around Earth.

Life is like the 3 seconds before a Mario Kart game and the game is eternal. Everything in this life you will forget anyways and spend your time in paradise, the eternal life. Why not dedicate yourself to God, you won't even regret it in the next life as you will forget everything in this life anyways God tells us. Like when you were 2 you don't remember anything, likewise after you die you won't remember what you don't want to remember.

Imagine in the next life you are king or queen of the world and can get whatever you want but times a million or billion. So if you want 1 million times the flavor of your favorite food, or 1 million times an orgasm for the next 30 minutes. Or times that number, the universe filled with 9s or more (like the universe filled with 9s a million times over).

You only have one life so don't you want to better your paradise in it? You live for 60 or 70 years and can use that time to better your hereafter. Think: you go to school for 8+ years to better this life and get a job but eventually you will die and lose it all. But you won't lose the hereafter as its eternal. I'm sorry I'm not calling you a money whore or anything I'm trying to help.

Even tasks that take 5 minutes a day, added up is 2 hours 30 minutes a month! Your time is very important to say the special worship in, or do invitation to God on social platforms like us. This is at home, we save for doing the worship and invitation to God.

We want to bring up a simple plan to do to be very big in the next life:

100-300+ one duas, and invitation to God on Reddit for 10+ minutes a day. And fast thrice or more a week. Prostrate 5-10 minutes and say one dua. We do everyday. You can and are recommended to do more but this is a starting.

Also it is a good deed if you help feed someone. Your money is just sitting in the bank and it is meant to be spent. Even download the world food programme app, and donate meals to the pooor by the UN. We dedicate over 90% of our income to God. Think about it, if you got a million dollars per 80 cent meal you donated, you'd donate all your money. You get the million dollars in the next life but actually it helps you so it is more like a multiplier in the next life like that number times what you want per meal donated (the universe filled with 9s). Even donate $10 it isn't much but will help. And the next life is eternal and you should want to better it. We always want more money but we should change that always want more thinking to deeds as deeds are really something. Money just sits in the bank yet we always want more (why billionaires still work) but deeds, you get a trillion times whatever you want per 1 dua. Once you know the next life exists 100% you should want to worship 12+ hours and donate over 50% of your income. Your income isn't going anywhere and when you die you lose it all so it's good for you to use it to better your hereafter.

In reality God says what you want (even the universe filled with 9s times an orgasm) is like a prison in the next life. We bring up the billion times whatever you want as an analogy. Imagine the universe filled with atoms to the power of itself every nano second for the next trillion years times whatever you want - still a prison in the next life. Imagine the reward of the worship 100x + fasting/invitation to God!

We also want to provide an analogy for what you get for worship in the next life.

God tells us of the concept of a mini paradise world. A mini paradise world is a simulation on the rewards of the hereafter. For instance, say whatever you desire is condensed into a bacteria (infinity times an orgasm for example). And imagine the whole Earth filled with sand and each sand grain counts as 1 million times an orgasm. All the sand added up is still 0 to infinity. Infinity times whatever you want is condensed to the bacteria. Level 2 of mini paradise is as big as 2 times the universe while what you desire is a bacteria. We can't imagine how good it is as it's past our imagination. Level 7 of mini paradise is millions of universes.

The universe is 150 billion light years wide and a light year is 6 trillion miles long which is hundreds of thousands of times around the Earth is 1 light year. Remember whatever you desire (infinity times an orgasm, or the feeling of happiness or your favorite food times infinity for example) is just condensed into a bacteria. I'm trying to help not show off.

You get, say, like the universe filled with 9s times a mini paradise world for a special worship as shown above. And it is multiplied the more serious you take the worship.

Also based on different forms of worship you get rewarded differently. For instance 1 thank God is the universe filled with 9s, times mini paradise. And it is multiplied more serious you take it (why monks worship only at temples). But the one dua is better than thank Gods. For 1 fast you get millions of universes filled with 9s, times mini paradise. For 1 invitation to God, you get the universe filled with sands and each sand is 1 trillion, times mini paradise. And remember whatever you desire is a bacteria. Also for the special worship is even better.

Now back to the point:

Below are reasons to invest 50% of your wealth and time for inviting others to God, you can invest your money by emailing us to run ads to this site or donating to help build temples/churches/places of worship. Or donating but we don't recommend this as it lowers others to help them as they're rewarded for suffering so when you take away the suffering it lowers them. It is best to dedicate your money to ads to this site / your own site just copy this one and use Wix to create a site or pay someone on Fiverr and copy and paste this site. But you don't have to (it will be a waste) as you can just send people to this site and get rewarded as God is logical and rewards us both. Email us and we can help.


Your money won't be taken with you once you die. It is like an asset that ends when you die.


You can utilize your money to raise yourself in the hereafter. If you have 1 million dollars and spend it to make a temple, you will be rewarded greatly. If you just keep it, you will eventually die and that million won't benefit you.


God says in his book he isn't unjust to his servants so he will reward you for dedicating your money and time.


Even if God doesn't exist (again if you get blessing it is clear he exists because just after you hearing about God if you sleep or eat less it is a miracle) then you would just be deleted when you die, like before you were born. You won't exist to regret dedicating most of your money.

People are rewarded for suffering so its best not to help feed a person because if you take the suffering away from them (by feeding them) then they get lowered in the next life. My teachers say people that suffered would prefer to suffer more in the next life. They know this from Buddha. It's best to dedicate your money to God by donating to mosques, churches, etc or spending your money on Facebook/other social platforms ads to this site (God is logical, if you get someone to visit this site you get rewarded not me). We can help you run ads just email us at

Visit your local mosque or church and donate there or spend your money on ads to this site by contacting someone on Fiverr to make the ads. Here's the link to Facebook ads by Fiverr experts:

We suggest contacting us at or the Fiverr experts and having them make the Facebook ads, then paying someone on Fiverr to run the ads to this site.

Here is a saying of the Prophet on helping:

The Prophet said, “A prostitute had once been forgiven. She passed by a dog panting near a well. Thirst had nearly killed him, so she took off her sock, tied it to her veil, and drew up some water. God forgave her for that.

This is because in the olden days it was a sin to have immoral sex so that is why she was a sinner.

If God had forgiven one who gave water to a dog suffering from extreme thirst, then how about one who relieves the thirst, satisfies the hunger, and clothes the naked among the believers/people? Or how about one that helps guide people? God says the best deed you can do is guiding someone (and remembering God the special worship saying) as it helps a believer for eternity in heaven. What did God tell all prophets, his favorite people so he would tell them the best thing, to do? Invitation to God.

I am not trying to get you to donate to my charity or whatever but I am just giving an example of how you can benefit your after life. Your money won't go anywhere and money is meant to be spent. Why do you think Elon Musk invests all his money even though he has billions?

By spending in the way of God, you don't necessarily have to donate. If you build a temple , you get rewarded for everyone that worships there 24/7. So say 10 people worship there 2 hours a day. That is 20 hours of worship (in a temple) you get daily for you. The prophet said the best places to God is the temples so imagine your reward for building one!

A plot of land costs $5,000 and a small wooden temple would cost about a thousand. You can pay that after a year or more and it would reward you greatly for a personal isolated temple. Worship is multiplied the more serious you take it, which is why monks only worship in temples. An isolated temple is multiplied a lot.

Here is a simple 10 minute plan to do that will raise you a lot:

First, 100+x special worship (in a spare room preferably, it is a multiplier by billions so 1 special worship at the temple/ place of worship is like billions at home but it's fine to worship at home and God is just in his rulings like Solomon is number 2 in paradise but he worshiped at home because God showed him the reward for worship so he didn't want to waste time going to the temple. Similarly you can do the same and only worship the special worship supplication and save time going to the temple)

Second reply on Reddit or YouTube trending comments the message on the site

You can do each of these however many times you want. Again raising yourself in the next life is true productivity so at least do these in the time you save sleeping and eating (9+ hours for us).

Think: monks are homeless so who sustains them? God sustains them. You won't go homeless for dedicating your money to God. God won't let that happen.

This is important because you don't get a second chance at life and so you should dedicate all your time and money to God because you will never get a second shot. Like a finals game for basketball imagine you waste 10 minutes just standing there and let the other team score. The other team is Satan and he scores by wasting your time. Don't let him win. That's why you should dedicate all your money and time to God. We know it may take long, but please don't stop reading this site as it's not a waste of time. It's not as we teach important things. Imagine you get a million times an orgasm or a million dollars in the next life each time you worship. And there's no other way to get deeds then worship, so your time is very important. Even in one minute you can say the thank God supplication 10 times, that's like 10 million dollars! Continue reading it is important.

Our religion has some major proof behind it we reveal at the end of this post but please read on. But God is logical, all religions are right Islam is just the most updated one. Below is a site detailing the miracles of the Quran. The book as some amazing miracles like it talks about embryology correctly even though it is 1400 years old or it talks about the universe expanding, or life is made from water etc.

The proof for our religion is here:

Click this to see miracles in God's book:

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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