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Read this site on how to worship (imagine a trillion times whatever like an orgasm, you get better than that per worship!) You'll never experience 10x an orgasm and you work for $30 an hour, don't you think it's logical to dedicate just 30 minutes to learning how to benefit your hereafter? It's eternal too. We should work 8 hours for the next life rather a 9-5.

Sorry for taking up your time just read for your spare time I promise it'll help im just trying to help :)

I sleep 10 minutes and eat bites a week, to find out how so you can too read this site all! I also shave without water or cream even my privates - this is blessing we go more about it below.

Proofs God Exists:

How did the universe or earth get created if God didn't create it? There was nothing before the universe so how did it come to be as something can't come from nothing. 0 + 0 can't equal 1.


The common reply is "well how was God created" but that answers a question with a question and doesn't answer how the big bang began.

The answer we think is: God created time and time has a beginning, middle, and end.

Therefore God had no beginning as time doesn't apply to God, he always existed. There is no answer to how the big bang started other than a creator.


(Please read it all there is more proofs below. Dedicate 15-30 minutes to this site as it has life changing information. I'm trying to help not seem special or smart. This site, in its entirety, is worth more to you than a lot of reward a billion $. God says you would crawl in the dawn for the reward of worship. The next life is over a billion years so you should be eager to better it by reading this site fully. And imagine a billion times whatever you want like pleasures like orgasm, drugs, alcohol, gambling, the feeling of sex or happiness, etc, you get that each time you worship. (to worship you say: "oh God thank you for all my blessings" do this 5-10 minutes a day. Even say it 200-300+ (or more, we do thousands daily) times daily for great reward it takes 15 minutes.) If God can create the sun which 1.3 million Earths can fit in he can make you experience a billion+ times an orgasm or whatever. Read this whole site for more ways how to worship. Why do people invest? To better their future. Likewise you can worship to better your next life. You should be eager to read this site all as it contains how to better your next life. Even if this site takes an hour to go through, this site and the information it contains is true productivity. You read a book for entertainment right? This site is worth more to you than a book.)

Please believe and worship to save yourselves Allah/God says: "Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty, Wise."

But being a believer doesn't save you. The Prophet fasted over 170x a year and prayed 50+x a day out of fear read this whole site to help you it really hurts to get burnt imagine it for a year straight! Buddha and Solomon and monks go celibate.

Why wouldn't you believe? You get rewarded for believing and there's no harm to believe. Imagine you become a billionaire in the next life if you die believing. It's the same satisfaction. Why not? Even if God doesn't exist, you lose nothing to believe. Even with no proof you should believe there's no harm. We provide more proof anyways below.

A billionaire would give up everything just to live a life with a billion times whatever you want (the benefits to that life is you can get any food at an instant and experience the flavor times a billion or a billion times an orgasm for 30 minutes.) So see how lucky you are that you're blessed with this information? Keep reading all of it, don't let Satan win and stop you from your chance to shine and read this whole site!

We preach for the concept of God. Which God exists doesn't matter to us as we just believe in the God(s) if there are multiple. But God said in the Quran there's only 1 of him, and Islam is the most updated religion (all religions are right) and we get to proof the Quran is divine at the end of this site there are dozens of Quranic miracles that prove a human couldn't write it. Do you think God would harm you if you don't do anything to it no matter which religion you follow or sins you do? What do monks worship? The 1 true God, so we call to that. There is 1 of him.

We will get into more proofs of God, just wait. We go over how to special worship for reward (imagine 10 billion times an orgasm for 30 minutes) after point 3 but first read points 1 and 2 for proof of God. Sorry for any repeated information I just really want to enforce it. When you know God exists it is great to dedicate your life to worship as it's like you get a reward for worship so why not worship more for the reward? A reward like a billion times whatever you want like an orgasm for 30 minutes or chocolate ice cream sundae or whatever you want at an instant. Read the proofs first to reinforce God's existence to you. 

I am just inviting you to God and it is your choice to accept or not :) You're not doing anything anyways (likely) so why not see this site all or later if you're busy?

These are 2+ proofs below that God exists:

Scroll below:


Points (proofs of God):

Point 1.


Don't just scroll off when God becomes clear to you. We still have to get to below how to special worship for billions times an orgasm for 30 minutes or whatever you want (if you want that read all of this site) and how to get blessing and sleep less than 2-4 hours.​​​


Or if life created itself, how did the 1 cell that created itself evolve into both a tiny ant and a huge elephant or other animals? How does something like life be so advanced to create itself but have needs like eating or using the bathroom?

For there is no camera that can beat the human eye, nor a computer that can compete with the human mind and if the whole world was to come together we couldn't create a single fly. So how do you think all this came from none, when it's simple, 0 + 0 + 0 cannot possibly ever equal 1. There is a creator and how did that creator create itself, it always existed. 


Also stars are different colors. How can the big bang create multiple stars that are huge and some are blue/white and some yellow / orange. If the big bang created them, what began the big bang? What determines if a star is blue/white or yellow? See there's a bigger force out there that created them. Something can't come from nothing.


If the big bang didn't create water, and neither did life that created itself, what created water? If you think water created itself, it can't even communicate how can water create itself? Or the same for lava, rainbows, wood/leaves, or clouds?


Or if a single cell created itself how and why did it evolve into females and males that can reproduce? That's because life didn't create itself.


​Some refute God with all the suffering in the world but that is not right. God teaches he honors the person in the next life based on how much they suffered. Would you starve for 5 years for a million dollars? See God can give someone an adequate reward in the next life for suffering. And you don't suffer unless you prefer to for reward.


Read this site all to better your next life. We go over how to worship below it's not just saying "Thank God."

Another proof is blessing from God we go over below more about it. Blessing from God is eating and sleeping less, actually eating a few bites a week for me and sleeping 30 minutes. Also blessing in shave - us monks dont use water or shaving cream even on our private parts. Also we shave once and rely on God so our hair doesn't grow. Why do you think all monks are bald? All this and we still live as healthy as ever. That is a miracle. We show how in point 4 but read on first all of it. Anyone can get blessing. This is why monks dedicate their whole lives to God and worship for 16+ hours. We go more about blessing in point 4, and how you can get blessing and sleep and eat less, keep reading. Especially because we were normal before eating 2000 calories and sleeping 8-10 hours and getting tired if we slept 6. And now with blessing we eat a few bites a week and sleep 30 minutes - 1 hour we go over it below.

Please scroll below for important information like how to get blessing and how to worship.


Point 2.

Realize all your thoughts are not yours. God created demons to add to this test of life. These demons can whisper to you and are invisible to us as if they were visible it wouldn't be a test. The thought you're having of "yeah right, demons exist?" is a thought from them so you don't take them seriously and don't worship. Also the thought of you not wanting to believe so much is from them also. That's Satan trying to get you to click off so you don't worship. Think about it, you should desperately want to believe. You should require no proof and should believe because of that as there is no harm to believe.


The thing that makes you want to have big proofs to believe is Satan. Don't let him win, he wants to keep you a disbeliever so you don't get rewarded. Satan doesn't want us to worship either so he makes you lazier not to worship. Please see below how to worship and don't let him win. He hates humans as Satan was once in paradise, God created Adam and told Satan to bow to Adam. Satan refused and was kicked out so now he's butthurt at humans and wants them all as low as possible - please don't let him win. Have you ever heard the quote "the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he does not exist?" Please believe in Satan to beat him. He makes you not believe.

Please scroll below for how to special worship and better your next life in point 3 and how to get blessing in point 4.

Point 3.

See this point for how to get more in paradise.

All of this site is important so don't skip ahead. Dedicate 10-15 more minutes to reading all this site and the post.

The one dua or how to special worship is "oh God thank you for all my blessings" worship is the best thing you can do.

There is a saying that the best deed is prayer, we Muslims pray 5x a day. It takes like 30 minutes but there is a saying the voluntary morning prayer reward is greater than the whole world and all it contains. It takes 2 minutes. If we got a billion dollars we would never miss it, but you get more than the world! Now the 5 obligatory prayers, the reward is millions times the voluntary for each single one! Email us at to learn how to pray.

The Prophet said, “Shall I not tell you of the best of your deeds, which is the purest to your King, which raises you among your ranks, which is better for you than spending gold and money in charity, and which is better for you than meeting your enemy and striking the necks of each other?” They said, “Of course!” The Prophet said, “It is remembering God Almighty.” Do 500x+ one duas (it is remembering God) we do for 16+ hours. Think: if I got a $10 per worship in quality, I would worship 1000x+ a day for 4 ish hours! If I got a $1000 once break fast I would fast everyday! Imagine a spouse 1 million times more beautiful than your spouse, and 1 million times the feeling of sex, and 1 million times the feeling of an orgasm you get that for eternity. You should be celibate, you get rewarded by God. Think like that to become ultra worshipers. If you got offended from being really cheap, it's Satan's plan don't listen to him he wants to stop you from worship and getting higher.

And imagine a house filled with salt. And one salt grain is taken every 20 years. You have lived for 20 or so years. So recall all your memories over the years and imagine all of that is just one salt grain. All the salt can be taken and you are still in paradise. Now imagine the country or more filled with salt. Or the world/more. You should be eager to read this whole site as it contains how to better your eternal hereafter in the posts below. All your memories times a 100 is just 2000-3000 years. That is all your memories a hundred times over. Times a 100 again is 5000 years. Times a 100 again is 7500 years. Imagine a million, that's like eternity. Now times a million by 10,000 and that's a trillion. A trillion is a 0 to eternity and you're in the next life for eternity. Shouldn't we become monks, and dedicate this life at just ~80 years for the next life? Worship hours a day, fast as we get to below. 

Don't look away to worship God just yet, we will get into more ways to special worship it and blessing and sleeping 30 minutes or less.

Please continue reading as it is not a waste of time as we go over important information below so reading this is more beneficial to you than worship because in the 15 minutes it takes reading this you can learn knowledge that helps you for life.

What about the universe filled with salt while it is 150 billion light years big and 1 light year is 6 trillion miles which is hundreds of thousands times around Earth and each salt counts as 50 years. You can get the universe filled with salt times whatever you want for an hour of worship (and each salt counts as 1 billion+). Whatever you want like an orgasm for 30 minutes times that number or more or any food at an instant, even better life than a king! So just worship an hour + a day for your life and that is 365 universes times whatever you want a year! Remember God is infinite so if you say worship 100 times you get 2x the universe filled with salt and say it 1000 times you get 10x the universe filled with salt. Maybe you think one universe is enough but we bring up the $500 an hour thing to show it is hypocritical of me, no offence, to be lazy (it's Satan's plan) and only worship once while if I made $500 an hour I would keep working. I'm only trying to help sorry. God can do anything so he can make you experience a million times whatever you want like an orgasm for 30 minutes or more (that number times an orgasm, the universe filled with 9s).

Also God told the Prophet to prostrate a lot and Solomon worshiped 20 hours but prostrated 5 minutes! Buddha worshipped 18 hours but was too arrogant to prostrate. God says 2-5 minutes is great try that and be better than Buddha! Try 10+ minutes saying 1 dua!

You get better life than a king in 5 seconds saying one dua in 1 second!

You should take worship/donate as serious as you made 1 million $ per 1 dua. In actuality it is like you get millions of universes big per 1 dua while infinity times whatever you want is a bacteria. Imagine that, billionaires would give up everything to have just infinity times whatever you want for eternity.

Shouldn't we all be monks, dedicating ourselves to God if we get his blessing like I teach below and sleep and eat less (10 minutes of sleep a day and a few bites of food a week yet we stay healthy).

You actually get the unimaginable each time you say one dua! Try for 1000+ a day in quality. 

Don't scroll off yet - we still got to get in blessing and sleeping ~10 minutes and eating a few bites a week and staying healthy.

Paradise is over a billion years while this life is ~80. You go to school for 8ish years to better your future which is only 50ish years. You sleep for 8 hours. That is 16 hours taken from you! Your life is really like 10-20 years but you spend over 30 for a good paying job! You should desperately want to better your eternal life in paradise. That's the real thing we should dedicate 8 hours to like the classic 9-5 job. When you know the next life is a reality its great to dedicate 8+ hours like a job to worship. This is because the next life is more important than this life. You know the next life is real from blessing, it undeniably proves God exists, we get more to it in point 4. 

The Prophet said "Whoever intends to perform a good deed but does not do it, then Allah will record it as a complete good deed. If he intends to do it and does so, then Allah the Exalted will record it as ten good deeds up to seven hundred times as much or even more."

Imagine millions times am orgasm:

God can give more than that as look at star size comparison videos - you can fit over a million Earth's in the Sun and over a million Sun's in another star called Betelgeuse and over a million Betelgeuse's in crab nebula galaxy. If God can create these big creations can't he let you experience a billion times an orgasm or more? The more the better reward. I spend 8 years of schooling to get a job that pays a measly 100k a year yet you can say 1 one dua in 5-10 seconds and it's worth over a billion dollars God says!

The benefits of paradise are as follows:

Imagine the next life is like this one but you are kind of the world with your perfect spouse as the queen or multiple. A perfect spouse is someone made for you they look how you want etc but not a robot. No getting older, bathroom, shave, wealth worries, cut nails, dirty things, no sleep

Everyone has their own palace and servants

Get whatever you want at an instant
King of quintillion citizens with queen at the top.

You can get whatever you want at an instant. This includes multipliers, imagine 10x an orgasm or how beautiful your spouse is or drugs/food etc. Now 100x, 1000x, 1 million times.

Now imagine 1 million counts as 1 sand grain and fill a house with sand as 1 million, that's a zero to infinity. You can do it a million times over, that's like 5% of earth. You can do the whole earth filled with sand a mile high and each sand counts as 1 million- still a zero to infinity.

And that life is what a mind can imagine! God says in the hadith qudsi (meaning God said it through the Prophet) that paradise is what no mind has ever imagined. You get a multiplier For everything, how beautiful your spouse(s) are, drugs, all food, 40 min orgasm, etc. There is no having to wake at 7 for work/school no bosses.

Imagine you get more of a multiplier For worship. For every second of thanks, you get 100 billion times whatever, for every fast, 100 trillion, for every dawah we get to this, 1 trillion, for every second of prostration 100 billion.

Alongside multipliers you can go into any world and do anything. Prophet tells us the lowest man in paradise is this what a mind can imagine. Lowest man can go into league of Legends, one piece, Naruto, greed Island from hunter hunter, pokemon, overwatch/pubg/call of duty. Also any world like a jungle and you visit and observe dinosaurs is one world there's over a trillion!

The last man is all all knowing- what is? It's he knows the next 50k words I'm gonna say and the whole world at the same time. Also all of youtube videos he knows them all.

Also Lowest man lives for eternity. Imagine a sand grain is 30 years, you've lived for 30 years. Imagine all your memories as 1 sand and fill a stadium with sand, 0 to eternity. Imagine 10000 stadiums that's like 2% of earth, imagine the earth filled with sand and each sand counts as 30 years, that's a zero to eternity.

No offence im trying to help but you spend your whole life for 30-100k a year. This is what I thought to become a monk dedicating my life to God. Think about it, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd-12th grade, 4-12 years university and maybe more (med school). All to work a 9-5 for your whole life getting max 200-300k a year. I was like this too, but it really took me not long to figure out I spend 8+ hours a day for 20+ years to get a good paying job but one 1 dua is worth more than the whole world and all it contains allah said! Basically our point is you are not doing anything anyways so dont listen to Satan and listen to this whole post! And the hereafter is eternal (over a trillion years, million times million remember the house sand 20 years analogy, that isn't even a trillion!), while this life is 50 years after schooling but we always want more or a good job no matter how long it takes! We are trying to help not seem smart. This is why monks are monks, they realize the real priority and what we should work for is the hereafter, you realize it too. It's why I dropped out of school

And money is just a number in the bank. You spend 30 years 8 hours a day to be a doctor getting 200k a year but you live the same life as a cashier just better house and car but you still have to wake at 7 for job. Think of paradise as you get more of a multiplier like a trillion times whatever you want for 1 seconds of worship. And 1 mansion filled with 9s per worship in a place of worship. If monk A worships 2 hours a day and monk B worships 12, monk B will forever have a feeling he can benefit from more than monk A. Now plug in the 2 to you, who do you want to be like?

Deeds last forever. Imagine you get a multiplier pet worship. Someone called person A worships 100x a day for 5 minutes and person B 1000x a day. Person B will forever be higher than person A because he worshiped more.

If God doesn't exist like Satan tricks you to think you won't exist anyways after you die like before you were born so you won't exist to regret dedicating all your income to God and worship him 24 / 7.

Cinnabon analogy - imagine you are always craving Cinnabons and are forever hungry. And you get 1 Cinnabon per worship- you can never have enough worship! You're slesyd starting from 0 the reward even if you worship 80 years! If you go fishing and get 2 fish, better than 1 fish. Same for reward - 2 thank gods reward of 2, 1 thank god reward of 1.

And thats the lowest man! He gets the shitty reward. He's a bacteria and a pious worshiper is the universe greater. Don't you want more? I would prostrate for 20 hours for a billion dollars! 1 second of prostration is worth more than 100 billion! Be better than a pious worshiper!

There is no limit to reward because God is infinite

There's more ways to worship God just wait, read it all!

​If you're doubting if Allah/God can give the lowest man life, here is 5 proofs he can:

- first is Allah says be and it is from the Quran, basically he just said "be" and the universe was created

- second is star size comparison videos you can fit 1.3 million Earths in the sun and 1.3 million suns in another star called Betelgeuse.  If Allah can create the whole universe filled with hundreds of trillions of stars bigger than this by saying be can't he do infinity times whatever forever?

- third is there's a hadith the reward of the (voluntary morning prayer) is greater than the whole earth and all it contains. What is greater than that? Not material like gold or money because you already get all the materials. At minimum it's a multiplier.

- fourth is the dead goat hadith like earth...
So the prophet was walking with his companions and picked a dead ugly goat and asked who would take it off him. None wanted it. The Prophet said verily the whole earth and all it contains is like this ugly goat in Allah's eyes

- fifth is Allah says there is what no mind has ever imagined in jannah or paradise meaning a mind can imagine material like gold so the reward is past that

Remember this is just an analogy, you actually get blissful enlightenment or the unimaginable for worshiping God. God says whatever you want (even multipliers) is a prison in the next life. Imagine the reward!

If you did a lot in a day you would feel really productive but real productivity is deeds and working for your next life as the next life is over a trillion years and you get what you want in it. You should feel really productive if you do a lot to benefit your hereafter. 


And set out time in your day to worship - we mean dedicating time to just say the worship and nothing else in a spare room. Do this 1000+x a day. We do spare room worship from 10 PM - 10 AM and 2 PM - 6 PM.
And donate spare income.

Even doctors I saw say it's impossible to go 25 days without food or drink but I did and that proves God to me. Also if you get blessing you know it's not magic just trust in God and try it. You'd know if you were about to starve to death anyways so there's no harm in trying. And you'd know if you were doing magic. I barely eat now just a few bites weekly is my routine.

For the people that take this more seriously:

If I made $500 an hour, I would work 8+ hours but 1 hour is enough. I also know of Satan's plan which is to make us lazier not to benefit yourself in the hereafter, so I act against it. Wouldn't you too? Do you want Satan to win? Even the thought you have of "yeah right, Satan exists?" is a thought from him to trip you up and make you lazier not to worship. I'm just trying to help that's why I used my time to create this site.

Later please share this site with friends and family as you will get great reward (better than the past times a million) for guiding them. Just send them the message that can be copied below. Invitation to God has the greatest reward, what did God tell his Prophets to do most? Invitation to God. We get to invitation below. And the prophets are God's favorite people so he would tell them the best thing to do which is invitation to God.

Think about it, you take a few minutes reading this page but it will benefit you with information for life. ​

Please continue below for how to get blessing and sleep less and for fasting.

Jannah has 7 levels a good Muslim (prays 5 times a day etc but sins) only gets like the 5th. We should want more. I think, if I made 1 million an hour I would work 24 / 7 that's why I dedicate all my time to Allah. It's why the sahaba were so religious they wanted more like a job. Read the quran for 8 hours instead of working.

Humans always want more. Why do millionaires or billionaires still work? We should have the always want more mentality to deeds. We should be hungry for deeds, why? Because imagine a house filled with 9s number times an orgasm. That's really something, while it doesn't matter if you have $7 million or $7 billion. You still wake up at 8 to go work like a minimum wage employee. While if you worship 10x vs 100x, 10x worship gets 10 x house filled with 9s while 100x gets 100 times that FOREVER and all he did was worship 2 more minutes. And 1 worship is worth more than all the money in the world.

Your money is just sitting in the bank collecting dust. Use it to make your hereafter better, that's more productive. Imagine you got a million times an orgasm for investing $1 for God, you would donate everything! If it turns out God doesn't exist, what did you lose donating? Your money is not taken with you when you die and if God doesn't exist you won't exist anymore to regret donating. And another God can't exist as the miracles of the Quran prove if there is a God it's Allah.

A hadith is of a guy that needs 1 deed to go to jannah on the Day of judgement. He gets 1 deed from a person. Why I bring this up: I believe he's the lowest man to enter paradise as he is the lowest literally with 1 deed. That means 1 deed is worth the lowest man life!

1 thank God you get 10 deeds

No offence but you work for $50 an hour. And you spend 20-30 years in school for a 5k month job for your life. What would you spend for kingdom and financial freedom?
You get 10x that per thanks!.That's 10 planet kingdoms times whatever you want for a saying that takes 2 seconds.

Also if God doesn't exist like Satan tricks you with, you won't exist after you die. So you won't exist to regret worship 24/7 and dedicate all your money. If another religio n is right? But the miracles of the Quran prove if there is a God it's Allah.

You see, the best time analogy is basically imagine I said "in the next 10 minutes every time you say thank God you get $10 million dollars"

And someone wastes 2 of your minutes!

Deeds are really something

If yoy get trillion times whatever per worship

1 trillion nothing like 10 trillion and you get 10 in 30 more seconds worshipping

Money just a number in the bank but I would do bunch of stupid shit for a million but deeds are really something each thank God is worth the same.

You're always starting from 0 when you worship.
If you worship 80 years you get fairly rewarded

Cinnabon analogy: Imagine you're forever hungry and always craving Cinnabons and you get a cinnabon per worship you can never
Have enough cinnabons!

Fish analogy: Imagine you go fishing and get 2 fish, 2 fish better than 1, likewise 2 worship better than 1

Person A 10 trillion times whatever worships 100x, person B 100 trillion worships 1000x

Person B is forever higher for worshiping like 10 more minutes! Forever!

The Prophet said the voluntary morning prayer takes 2 minutes is rewarded greater than the world and everything in it!

Proves paradise not like this world because you already get all material praying the voluntary prayer so minimum infinity times whatever

Spend 20 years school for 5k month job

For kingdom of world and financial freedom meaning you live without working? How long would you spend?

You would go Homeless 80 years for 1 reward of thanks
Proof fajr crawl hadith: the Prophet said people would crawl to the mosque for morning prayer if they knew the reward for it

I want to introduce satans plan. He tells you "oh hes younger dont listen"

"Oh he's illogical don't listen"

He makes you lazy so you don't worship

They want to fuck you over, take you to hell, and they laugh at you

Please scroll below for the benefits of deeds and why to fast, even fasting thrice a week makes you higher in paradise. See below on how to fast. Also God says staying celibate for God is equal to billions of fasts.


We want to add for added reward you can fast 3+ days a week. Buddha tells us he fasted 5 days a week and wish he fasted more when he saw the reward of fasting. You can fast by eating less/nothing (the more serious you take the fast, the more reward) from noon to dawn and eating < 300 calories. We fast for 3 days at a time now that we worked it up. Will power is like a muscle so you have to start small and then fast more.

The Prophet said there is no equal to fasting and 1 fast moves you up in paradise by 70 years worth of distance traveled. Even refrain from eating and drinking a lot a couple days a week and work your way up to fasting more and like us monks which is no food or drink from noon to dawn. Even take it slow and work it up to fasting more. There is a saying that fasting is for God and he rewards for it while other good deeds he multiplies by 10 up to 700 times. God says fasting is for me and I reward for it also imagine the reward for fasting, God says has no equal! Imagine you got 1000x billion an orgasm once break fast, I would fast everyday! You get more than that for fasting. That's why we fast daily.

Actions are by intentions as the prior hadith said multiplied by 10-700x

This means your fast and worship is multiplied by 10 up to 700 times! You really should fast. The Prophet fasted 2-4 times a week and we should want to be like the Prophet so minimum fast twice - thrice a week and work it up. Even fast from eating your favorite foods and still eat your non favorites. Or fast like Christians, from 1 food. and work it up to fasting like us which we only eat a few bites a week.

Imagine the analogy for deeds as this:

You can experience happiness times that number (a number decided by how much worship you do) or even an orgasm for 30 + minutes times that number or any food/pleasure like drugs cigarettes etc.

That number is decided by how much worship you do. For special worship if you say it once, it adds more than the world filled with 9s to that number. If you fast once, it adds (a house filled with 9s) number. And the more serious you take the fast the more reward. Like a fast from noon to dawn is different from a fast from noon to sunset. Also, we will get to this, but you get that number (the universe filled with 9s to the power of itself is a grain of sand, fill the universe with sand quintillions of times over more than that number) for 1 invitation to God and recurring deeds for what they do the same as the people you convert for their life. So if they fast 100 times over their life you get the same deeds (100 fasts) passively.

We provide a message at the end of this site to send to your contacts/post online that leads to this site and converts people. Keep reading. Even if the person doesn't convert, you get rewarded for just the intention of inviting to God. Even if you just post the message 10 minutes a day to Reddit/Youtube Trending/Facebook groups say you get 1-5 convert worshipers a day, that's like 1000 converts a year! That's 1000 universes times whatever you want! Just do it for 10 minutes+ a day.

Between 6 PM and 7 AM you are not doing anything anyways (with blessing you can sleep 10 minutes) you are just at home. This is why to worship 24/7 or all times you are free:

You have no 2nd chance to life. Everything you do in this life determines the eternal hereafter. You should be more religious as there is a saying of the prophet that the morning prayer in congregation at the temple, is rewarded so greatly that people would crawl to it for it. Imagine the special worship, saying it is better. God says the special worship is that number or more better than the morning prayer (the universe filled with 9s). I'm just trying to help no offence not to call you a money whore (it's Satan's plan he wants you to think you're a money whore as the analogy makes perfect sense) but imagine you get money for worship. If you got $100 per worship how serious would you take worship? Rather money is a bad example because at a certain point money is just a number in the bank. You see, humans as a species always want more. Why do billionaires still work or millionaires? Or why do the investors of shark tank still invest? You see, humans always want more money but we should always want more deeds it's more important to think like that. We should turn the "always want more" attitude to deeds. We should be hungry for deeds. Why? Because money is static, it's just a number in the bank account while deeds is really something.



God loves worship and you want to be of his beloved as he will make you higher and help you in this life so even say 500+ 1 duas a day.
Example: I was really sick (like a vegetable medically) and got cured miraculously, it's God's will.

My point is, just for that life of infinity times whatever you want, billionaires would kill, give up all their money for it yet you get that life in just 5 seconds saying one dua. That is why your time is very, very, important. In 1 minute you can say one dua 5-10+ times. That is why monks cry if they have to go pee because they care a lot about their time.

And monks are homeless, they get blessing (we go more about it below) in their work so they make enough to sustain themselves in the temple. They save 8 hours sleeping from blessing we sleep 10 minutes (just nap close your eyes), 8 hours in work (with blessing in work we save time from a job, and 8 hours we normally would have to ourselves. That is how we worship 16+ hours a day and monks too. You try it too after reading below because blessing undeniably proves God exists so we dedicate ourselves to God.

To reinforce God's existence to you, this is a monk levitating. He said God spoke to him through voices and told him to go on America's got Talent to prove God exists, see the video then come back to this site we still have to get into blessing:

This proves God exists as what made him levitate? If you say the cane supported him through the floor, the cane was bent on the ground right when he stopped levitating so there was nothing through the cane to support him. It is purely God's will. He said God spoke to him through voices and told him to go on Americas got Talent to prove God for me. I'm the mahdi. I didn't say before as you'd think I'm arrogant but Allah/God began speaking to me through voices and told me. He also told me to create this site and come out. The mahdi is the last messenger in Islam. Islam preaches a messenger was sent to every nation so Muhammad wasn't the last one as there are nations after him.

Point 4.

You read a book for entertainment right? Read this whole site please it has life changing information.​

This is what convinced me, read on because blessing in food and sleep undoubtedly proves God exists so we dedicate our lives to God. See this point for how to sleep 1 or less hours.

Think about it, if God exists he created the whole earth and space, can't he make you sleep and eat less? You can fit millions of Earths in the sun and million of suns in other stars so can't God make you sleep 30 minutes if he can create such big creations? Try it out yourself. You can't claim it's magic that I sleep 30 minutes when you do it yourself. 

This is what I experienced:

If you go from sleeping 8 hours a day and getting tired if you sleep 6 hours, to having blessing in your sleep and sleeping less (4 or less hours, personally it gets shorter over time for me as I have more trust in God) it proves a God exists to me. We do this by turning off the alarm as it doesn't trust God. Next sleep in the morning around 10 AM. To get worship you have to worship God 4-16 hours. Next trust God can do anything and sleep less. Also eating less, to get it you just don't eat and trust God can do anything. Think about it he created the sun which 1.3 million Earths can fit inside it, can't he make you sleep and eat less and stay healthy? There are narrations of the prophet staying 2 months with only black (dirty) water yet he never experienced kidney stones. God can do anything, think like that and have blessing in food and drink.

Also it might only be 4 hours for you at first but I suggest taking it slow and working up to trusting that God can make you sleep 1 or less hours. You get more blessing the more you worship.

We also eat less. We eat a few bites every week and don't feel hunger and stay the same weight and 1 cup of coffee a week. These two things prove God to me as I was normal before sleeping 8-10 hours a day and eating 3 big meals aka 2000 calories. Last time I had water was February 3rd and I have 1 ish cups of fluid a week since February and 100 calories a week. Still the same weight and not being unhealthy with kidney stones or other things. 
We shave without water or shaving cream and our hair doesn't grow back. Think about it, God loves worship and it's a waste of time to cut hair so he will make it not grow. Same for eating, sleeping, etc. To get this blessing you have to worship a lot, minimum 6-8 hours. Think of it like a job. All monks are like this for years, they don't come out as it is a waste of time but I'm different I want to help.

You try it too. Realize God can do anything and it's God's fault if you die of starvation but he won't let you die as he loves believers. When we realized this now we fast for a week and only eat a few bites and stay the same weight. Again we were normal before but God entered our lives and we suggest you try the same. Work it up overtime. Try eating 500 calories a day then gradually work it to 500 calories a week and so on. 500 calories is about a hamburger and fries. If you eat 500 calories a day or less. this proves God exists as the FDA says you need 2000 calories a day to survive. Record your calories.

Or if you really want to test if you're getting blessing and prove God exists to you, go 5 days without food or drink. Again every worshiper gets blessing so don't worry, and you would know if you are going to die from thirst so you can just drink then. This proves God exists as you die if you don't drink for 3 days. And it's not magic as you are doing it and would know if you are doing magic. This is how you personally prove God to yourself. 

You get blessing by trusting in God and removing things that don't trust him (eating more than you need or an alarm).

Stay and read just for 10ish+ minutes we are getting to why and how to do the best deed, invitation to God and the importance of time.

You save 8 hours with blessing in sleep, and are free 8 hours and save 1-2 hours by not eating and the time it takes to prepare food. That means all of us are free 12+ hours a day to worship. Just say the saying with focus in a spare room preferably and you will get way higher. 

My teachers taught me this:

If you trust in God but you sleep or eat the same, it doesn't mean God doesn't exist it could mean you didn't trust enough.

Read on all of it is important we will get to invitation to God for the past reward times that number (the universe filled with 9s.)

We suggest worshiping in the time you save sleeping and eating, 9 hours+ for us.

Now for invitation to God, if you try to guide 1 person (aka just send a message to someone about this site or make a flyer of the message and it is the intention of invitation to God if you give it out to someone) you get similar deeds to everything they do. And the reward for guiding a person is a herd of red camels according to the Prophet which red camels were really prized so the modern equivalent is a bunch of red Ferrari cars.  The monetary equivalent is over a million dollars if you just get someone to believe in God! There is a saying that it is all about intention so if you try to guide someone, imagine you get a million just for handing a flyer of the message below to someone. We would convert everyone!

If the person you send to this site believes and fasts and says the one dua thousands of times over their life span, you get the same reward for all of that. So if they amass a trillion+ deeds in their life, you get the same trillion added to your account. This is because of the saying of the Prophet:

The Messenger of God said, "He who calls others to follow the Right Guidance will have a reward equal to the reward of those who follow him, without their reward being diminished in any respect on that account."

And this saying to prove it's true:

The Prophet said, “By God, that God guides a man through you is better for you than a herd of expensive red camels.”

A red camel is like a red Ferrari.

Think about it, God told all his prophets, his favorite people, to do invitation to God. Actually no. There were 124,000 prophets and 313 messengers a messenger is a priohet sent with a new message like the Quran. God only told 25 special messengers to do dawah (invitation). Thats how good it is, the prophets dont deserve the reward God tells me. He would tell them to do the most efficient thing because they're his favorites. That is why we spam Reddit and YouTube/Instagram/Facebook groups comments leading to this site for 2+ hours a day at home and worship at home. 

Share this site with friends and family or more, like post on Reddit or YouTube Trending on google search it up after, about this site or create flyers to pass out at malls/universities/parks/streets at NYC etc.

​Whoever intends to perform a good deed but does not do it, then Allah will record it as a complete good deed. If he intends to do it and does so, then Allah the Exalted will record it as ten good deeds up to seven hundred times as much or even more.

Source: Sahih Bukhari 6126, Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi

That means you're reward herd of red ferraris for trying dawah! Just giving someone a flyer or posting my message! Not if they convert or not.

Imagine you convert a person and get 20 red Ferraris. This site is proof of God enough. Just send someone to this site and reap the rewards. Copy the message below to do this. You get rewarded even if it's our site because God is fair and it's all your fault so dedicate even $1 a day email us!

No matter which religion is right, three things are good deeds that will raise you. Firstly, invitation to God because God told every prophet to spread his religion. Secondly, the one dua. Thirdly, fasting. Fourth, donating (contact us by email to run ads) even dedicating $5 a day reaches over 12k visitors a year on Facebook and that is like 1k worshipers added to your scale so that is over 10k worships you get a day. And donating is a cornerstone of every religion so it's most rewarding. Even better, you can donate to your local place of worship for more deeds. Every religion is right it just matters you dedicate money in the name of God. Even donate meals on the world food programme app by the UN.

Imagine you got a person named person A to visit this site. Imagine they converted and became a good worshiper. They would get over 50 billion deeds every time they say the 1 dua. Imagine they say it only 100 times a day for the rest of their lives, it takes 5 minutes. They would get over 500 trillion deeds a day and over a year over 10,000 trillion deeds. You would too according to the saying above of the Prophet that whatever the person you converted does you get similar reward. Now imagine you send the message we provide to copy and paste and send to your contacts, and you get over 10 to convert and worship. Or imagine you run Facebook ads to this site and spend $5 a day. You reach 35 people a day or almost 10k a year!

Your time is very important.

Imagine I give you 100 minutes and every time you say 1 dua you get a million good deeds. And every person you invite to God, you get 1 billion deeds and whatever the person you invited does, you get similar deeds with no diminish to them. If they fast once, you both get the same reward. Or if they fast 100x over their life. This site has gotten 200 + people to become good worshipers, so I am getting over 20000 one duas a day and 200+ fasts a week. I don't say this to brag but help because you can do it too. Email us and we'll help you set up ads to run to this site. Even $5 a day reaches almost 10k a year and if only 100 worship thats 1k one duas added to your scale! Email is in the post below why to dedicate.

Life is like that but just a bigger version of the analogy at first. Instead of 100 minutes you have 60 or so years and instead of a million deeds you get blissful enlightenment in the next life.

Realize you only live once. Any time you waste you won't get back, to worship or better your next life. There's no second chance at life and to better your paradise.

Here are common wastes of time for me: Eating as I can live off a few bites a week so say instead I eat the normal 3 meals a day. That would shave off 30 minutes or more from my day and that doesn't count the time it takes to make the meal. Without eating, you will save an hour a day and that is an hour you can use to raise yourself. Other wastes of my time are sleeping too long, playing video games/watching TV, working too long (I just need 1000 a month to sustain myself), shaving (I shave once then rely on God for my hair not to grow), etc. Anything that doesn't raise you in the next life is a waste of my time. We save time not working by relying on God to sustain us and affiliate marketing we heard of 12 minute affiliate search it up it's a work from home opportunity and it saves us time from a job.


Below are 2 reasons to dedicate over 20+ hours to God:






The next life is more lasting and better. Remember that salt in the room analogy we mentioned? Also imagine the minimum reward in paradise: you get what you want, so even a million times an orgasm for the next 30 minutes. Or constantly feeling happy. Or any of your favorite foods and the flavor times a billion. Or being with your loved ones for eternity. You get that for each "worship." Think in paradise, No bathroom, no shaving, no wealth worries, no cut nails, no dirty things, no sleep

Everyone has their own palace and servants

Get whatever you want at an instant

King of quintillion citizens, perfect spouse(s) queen with beauty times a million...

Infinite amount of worlds you can play...

Eternity analogy with sand...

All all knowing and powerful - what mind can imagine. Basically the prison in paradise is what a mind can imagine and a mind can imagine knowing all youtube videos at the same time or the next 50 words all of us are going to say. He knows what I was doing may 24 2015 at 2 pm, also at 3pm

Also may 25 2015 at 4 pm 5 pm

Every date I've been alive every time he knew everything about me and all 8 billion people at same time, he knew that 10 years ago 20 30 etc. That's what a mind can imagine the lowest reward of paradise!

If think "Allah can't do infinity" watch this, if God can make such creations by only saying be as it says in the quran, can't he give you infinity?


Your next life is better the more you worship. Say the above statement more. Even try for hundreds of times a day.




You only live once, so the next 10 minutes you will never get again.


Your eternal next life is determined by this life. You only have one life, so if you live for a thousand more minutes and waste the next 10 not worshiping God then you only have 990 remaining to worship. Every second counts.


You're not doing anything anyways. From 6-6 you are at home chilling. 



Why wouldn't you want to worship in your free time? You actually get what you want in paradise but I bring up the billion x an orgasm for analogy sake. Imagine the whole country, or Earth, filled with number 9s times whatever you want in paradise. And that multiplied by itself every second for the next trillion years. You get more than that each time you say the worship.


Again, I work more hours for $50-$500 an hour so why not at least worship the time I save sleeping? You too.


We suggest the use of a timer for worship. We find it helps a lot. We just set a 30 minute timer and say the special worship and wait till it's over then restart it at night so for 12+ hours from 8 pm - 10 am then sleep from 10 am to 10:30 am. We urge you to do the same as when we didn't use a timer we only got 100+ minutes of worship in but with a timer 16+ hours.

Think: how do monks sustain themselves? God sustains them. With blessing we save over 16 hours a day that we can worship in. Monks don't work or shower or eat much? It's all from blessing. Blessing changes lives.


Why do we worship so much (16 hours)? Because we are not doing anything in our free time anyways so the real productivity is using time to worship because it is just like investing. It betters your hereafter so why not worship? Investing betters your life which is only 80 years. Worship betters your next life which is over a trillion years. What's more important? For example between 9-5 I am just sitting around I can worship in that time. If you have a job then between 6-6 you are free to worship.

Please see the message below to send to your contacts that leads them to this site so they can become good believers and you get rewarded. 

Then see the post "Why To Dedicate To God." for why to dedicate your time and money to God. Also proof for our religion is in this post and once you see the proof you will know our religion is right also all religions are right. Once you know your religion is right and you get blessing in sleep, eat, and work then why wouldn't you worship 12+ hours? 

You get rewarded more the more you worship so why not worship longer? Just 10 minutes a day adds up.

Point 5.

Please read this all then move on to the next post:

The reward for one dua is the universe filled with 9s times whatever you want, the reward for one invitation to God intention meaning just sending the message is the universe filled with atoms to the power of itself every nanosecond for the next trillion years added up times whatever you want. A million times over, that's more reward for invitation to God. Just sending the message below to a person, whether they convert or not as results come from God, is better than centuries of worship (thanks God not the 1 dua) God says. 

Invitation to God is the best thing. There is a saying of the prophet that the reward for the voluntary morning prayer is greater than the whole world and all it contains. Imagine that, not a million or billion $ but all gold, diamonds, and money etc. Also, God told all some messengers to do invitation to God. they're his favorite creations so he would tell them the best thing. He didn't tell them to do the morning or other prayers. That means invitation to God is better than the morning prayer in reward times quintillions! If I got $1000 per person i invite to God I would give invitation all day! You actually get a lot more. We make it easy for you and prepared the message and site for you. All you have to do is copy the message below and post it on Reddit or YouTube trending comments or Facebook group comments (join groups and reply to people's comments). Even 5-10 minutes a day reaches 50+ people! You will be better than some prophets for doing that! People are better based on their piety God says.


If you send person A to this site and they start believing in God and worship him by saying the supplication 100 times a day, they get over 200 billion deeds added to their account and you get the same deeds added passively meaning while sleeping. While you're sleeping you're making deeds. Now imagine you spam Reddit or YouTube calling people to this site. I did that and got 20 people to visit today. Those 20, say only half convert and worship. I got 200 billion deeds times 10 every single day for those worshipers. That's trillions of deeds added to my account while I do nothing for them. They are added passively. Anyone can do this, just copy the message below, download the Reddit app, and post the comment for reward. Even if it's our site, if you send someone here you and me are rewarded as God is logical and doesn't take your reward.


In total, 9000 people have visited this site and 5000+ have converted so try to send 10+ people a day by writing on Reddit/YouTube comments. That is like 10k 1 duas per day for me, you can do it too!


So if person A does worship for 20 minutes a day for 300 days, that's 100 hours of worship and you get rewarded just like him (100 hours of worship) if you converted person A. Remember all of this is passive meaning you do nothing. Now how about you reply to comments the message on Reddit/YouTube and get 10 people a day to read it? That is 10 rewards for invitation to God. And if they visit this site it is recurring deeds from them if they fast/say the worship 100+x.


Maybe even create flyers to distribute at a store/park /mall/highly dense area or advertise this site to a social following. Copy the message below to a word document and print it to hand out at areas. Imagine you get a million just for handing out the flyer, I would try to guide everyone! That is why we spam the message on Reddit and Youtube for hours a day. Or even we suggest if anyone has the experience, to run ads to this site from major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Google, Bing, Snapchat, etc. You get rewarded even though it is our site as God is fair. Or contact us to help you run ads, email us at

So if you convert a thousand worshipers and they worship and say the above each for one hour, you get the reward of a thousand hours of worship.


Scroll below.


Here is the message, copy it and send it to your contacts and post it on YouTube trending on Google or Reddit on the app.


This message gets about 100 converts a month we can see how many visit the site and about 50-100 people visit so they are at minimum converts as the message says go to this site to worship God so why would they want to worship if they didn't convert. Also those 1000 are saying the one dua at least 10 times if not 100, which means that is 10k-100k one duas daily added to my scale. Not saying to brag but help, you can do it too. Just post the message below 1 hour a day a year and get the same results.


The message:


Imagine a million times the flavor of your favorite food or an orgasm. How about a trillion. Don't you want that? Read this for how. It takes 2 minutes please.

God had to of create time; and time has a beginning,  middle, and end. So God has no beginning as time doesn't apply to him before he created it. What created the big bang before it began? Something can't come from nothing. 0 + 0 can't equal 1. God always existed that's how he came about. Think: there has to be a beginning somewhere as reality exists and the big bang wasn't the beginning as what created it?

Above is what you get in the next life each time you special worship and be a believer. So for more if you say special worship the 1 dua: (its: oh God thank you for all my blessings) 5-10 minutes + (the Prophet said try a day 30+ minutes) you get 100 trillion times an orgasm for ~30 minutes or whatever you want like any food at an instant and the flavor times trillion+ and so on. You can do it everyday for your whole life and you get fairly rewarded so the more the better. If you think God can't give you that, he created the sun which a million Earth's can fit in. And he created Betelgeuse another star that a million Sun's can fit in. No matter which religion is right, this saying raises you in all religions as it is what monks do, thank God. God can do anything so he can make you experience infinity times an orgasm. Even say it in the car or bathroom always say it 24 / 7 you get rewarded. Try for 2000+/day! Even do it 1000+x a day you get rewarded greatly. Say it daily 1000+x (it takes 20 mins) to better your next life. Visit for what is special worship and how to (there's more ways for greater reward). See it even if you believe in God. You should be eager to as deeds in the next life is real productivity as the next life is over a trillion years and it's eternal, a trillion is a 0 to eternity. 

For more reward you can prostrate and say the 1 dua,! Also in regard to worship, the reason monks only worship in caves/mountains/temples there is more reward for that in robes buy one on Amazon just search up prayer robes for men/women. If you get a million times whatever you want like any food at an instant and the flavor times trillion times whatever or an orgasm per thank God, a thank God in a temple is like a house filled with 9s.
But 1 dua is like a billion thanks God! 1 thanks God is rewarded greater than a million times an orgasm or whatever in the next life.

This site proves God exists! The site is Check it out but continue reading the site there's more ways to worship for infinity times the reward for worship like fasting or invitation to God. Imagine the house filled with salt and each salt grain counts as 20 years. You have lived 20 or more years, recall all your memories and imagine that as one salt. The entire house can be taken and you're still in paradise. Imagine the city or more (the world or universe) filled with salt. Check the site for bettering your next life. We should be eager to as it's eternal. And eager to worship to better it so see my site. Imagine the universe filled with salt and each salt counts as one that number (a mansion filled with 9s). See you get more than that per worship you should be eager to learn more so see my site.
You should see my site, imagine like you got a billion to see my site. The information it contains helps you for life and 1 worship is more than 1 billion $ the reward so see my site to worship more.

Everything has a creator except God he always existed as he created time and the concept of a beginning. 

Please just believe God exists there is no harm and you get rewarded. It's like you become a billionaire in the next life if you die believing. Why not you don't lose anything to believe? Still see the site for how to special worship for better reward. 

Also another logical proof for God: what created water? The big bang never created water neither did life that created itself so who? Same for lava, rainbows, wood/trees, and clouds. God created them. Another logical proof is blessing, I eat a few bites a week and stay healthy or sleep 30 minutes when I sleep in the morning at 10 AM. You try it too, realize God can do anything so he can make you live off a few bites or sleep less, just try it and eat less or sleep in the morning. The site goes over it more on point 4 check it out

Monks experience blessing, that's why they worship 16+ hours because blessing undeniably proves God exists.

For quality worship imagine a house filled with sand and each sand counts as 1 that number (a house filled with 9s) times whatever you want (even an orgasm for 30 minutes or any food at an instant). Imagine the world filled with sand. The more you worship the better it gets imagine the universe filled with sand millions of times over, quality worship is saying the saying in a free room seated with focus. Even better is monk worship: worship in a place of worship (church mosque temple doesn't matter all religions are right) with a robe (buy one on Amazon search up prayer robes for men/women). If spare room worship is a 1 monk worship is a park filled with 9s. There's more reward that's why monks only worship like that. Do this as much as you can even 15-30 minutes a day (we do 16 hours in a mosque) you should be hungry for deeds.

Some refute God by his allowing of suffering but God teaches that he rewards for suffering. Would you starve for 5 years for a million dollars? Also you only suffer if you prefer to suffer for the reward. 

Please share the site with family and friends (please copy and share maybe even post on reddit/youtube for great reward, this message here: as invitation to God has great, even better than worship, reward in the next life. Why did God tell all his prophets to do invitation to God his favorite people so he would tell them the best thing? Copy the message at the end of my site or this message to send to your contacts / post online.

Thank you and have a great day!


We recommend you do like us, create an Islamic Instagram theme page and post hadiths you get from ours (Islamic Rebound). Copy our bio which teaches people how to give dawah. We do this and 130k accounts were reached in the last 30 days. There is a saying of the prophet that it's all about intention so even trying gives you the reward of dawah times that number (a house filled with 9s).
Also I'm trying to make 130k dawah missionary that give dawah 1 hr a day so like 300 dawah intentions times 130k a day! You do the same, just copy our insta and bio its free @islamicrebound

Save this message to a note and daily copy and paste it to YouTube trending comments on the google search bar and reply to peoples comments. Or download the Reddit app, create an account, and reply the message to comments on threads in the popular section. 

I personally would send this comment to all my contacts. Maybe even create flyers to distribute at a store/park or advertise this site to my social following. For YouTube, don't post the comment to the video's comment section that doesn't get results. Instead reply to people the comment to get results. Do this 10-20 minutes + a day.


Do that and you get the intention for invitation to God as there is a saying that it is all about intention. Even make a flyer and hand it out at the mall or at schools/universities weekly.


​We reply to 200+ people a day with this message. We suggest you do the same as if only 10% read it and convert and become good worshipers, that's already 10 times red camels from the saying for invitation to God + whatever good they do you get the same reward for life. If only 1 worships 100 times a day that's 100 months of worship for helping someone a day completely passively meaning while you sleep auto deeds.


If you paste this message 1 hour a day to Reddit, we can see how much visitors came from Reddit in the past year and we've gotten 1k visitors from Reddit. If you read the message, it calls people to say the 1 dua 20x a day. Also if they visit this site, they are looking to worship more so minimum those 1k are doing 100 1 duas a day and 2+ fasts a week and other worships we teach! We are not bragging, but showing you if you post our message to replies of people 1 hour a day this is what you can get. Also each time a convert says 1 dua you/I get rewarded a thousand months of worship as it's like helping a believer! That's 100k one duas added to my/your scale, plus 100k thousand months of worship! All from copy and paste for 6+~ months! You can do it too! How I do it, I think I would post to 200+ people a day if I got just $10 per post to someone. That's $2000 a day after an hour of work so hell yeah! You get much more than $10 per post in the next life. Imagine like more than the universe filled with infinity times itself every second for the next trillion years times whatever you want. That's a zero to what you really get for invitation to God per 1 you do. So 200x+ reward for 1 hour a day posting!

This is a saying of the Prophet we want to share on why you should give invitation to God:


The Prophet said, whoever intends to perform a good deed but does not do it, then Allah will record it as a complete good deed. If he intends to do it and does so, then God the Exalted will record it as ten good deeds up to seven hundred times as much or even more.

That means you get rewarded for just the intention of inviting to God, not if the person you are calling to God converts or not.


That's Satan that makes you too weirded out/lazy to do invitation to God. Don't let him win.


Just copy and share the message with 10 or more contacts and that is the reward of intention of calling to God. And if they share the message you get rewarded for everyone they share it to. Or share it on the Reddit app/youtube trending replies.

And if you share this message with your social following, so if you have 10,000 followers you will get the deeds of 10,000 intention for invitation to God. And if 1% click it and convert, that is 100 invitations to God and if they worship that is billions of deeds passively added to your account every day. Now I suggest copy and pasting the message to Reddit comments. You can download the Reddit app, create an account, and daily post the message for 10+ minutes and create a new account every time your account gets banned.


Scroll below to see the post:

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